The Status of Substances That Come in Contact with Body or Come from the Body both Externally and Internally from Matn al ʿIzziyah

The Status of Substances That Come in Contact with Body or Come from the Body both Externally and Internally

فصل – Section:

مَـيْتَةُ‮ ‬الآدَمِِـيِّ (The human corpse ), غَـيْرَ‮ ‬الأَمْـبِيَاءِ (all except the prophets) نَـجِسَةٌ (are impure),  وَمَيْتَةَ‮ ‬مَالاَ‮ ‬نَفْسَ‮ ‬لَهُ‮ ‬سَائِلَةٌ (the dead thing, that unquestionably has no breath) كَالقَسَلَةِ (like the louse) عَـلَى الْـمَشْهُورِ (as is well known), وَالْـبَرْغُوثِ (as well as the flea) عِنْدَ‮ ‬ابْنِ‮ ‬الْقَصَّارِ (according to Ibn Qassār), وَمَا أُبِـينَ‮ ‬مِـنَ‮ ‬الْـحَيِّ (and what has become physically detached from the living) أَوِ‮ ‬الْـمَيِّتِ (or the dead), مِـمَّا تَـحُـلّهُ‮ ‬الْـحَاةُ (from what is lawful while alive) كَـالقَرْنِ (like the horn),  وَالعَظَمِ (the bone),‮ ‬وَالظُّفْرِ ((the fingernail), وَالـجِـلْدِ (the hide or the skin) نَـجِسَةٌ (are impure), وَلَـبَـنُ‮ ‬الْـمَـيْتَةِ (as is the milk of the corpse) وَمُحَـرِّمِ‮ ‬الأَكْـلِ‮ ‬كَالْكِرْزِيرِ (and that which is is unlawful to eat), كَـالْـكِرْزِيرِ (like the pig), وَالأَتَـان (the female donkey), وَبَولُ‮ ‬الْـجَلاَّلَـةِ (the urine of most animals) ورَجِـيعُهُ (and their faeces), وَهِـيَ‮ ‬كُـلُّ‮  ‬حَـيَوَان (and they are every animal) يَسْـتَعْمِِلُ‮ ‬النَّجَاسَةَ (that eats impure things), وَالْـبَوْلُ‮ ‬وَالْعَذِرَةُ‮ ‬مِـنَ‮ ‬الآدَمِىِّ (and the urine and the faeces of the human being), غَـيْرَ‮ ‬فَـضَلَاتِ‮ ‬الأَنْـبِيَاءِ (except the faeces of the prophets) وَمِـنْ‮ ‬مُحَـرِّمِ‮ ‬الأَكْـلِ (and that which is unlawful to eat)  وَمَـكْرُوهِـهِ (or is disliked [for consumption]) كَـالسَّبُعِ (like the lion), وَالذِّئْـبِ (and (the wolf), القَيْحُ (and pus), الصَّدِيدُ (festering matter),  الدَّمُّ‮ ‬الـمَسْفُوحُ (blood pouring out),  مِـنَ‮ ‬الآدَمِـيِّ (from the human being) أًوْ‮ ‬غَـيرِهِ (or non-human), الْـقَيْءُ (vomit) الْـمُتَغَيِّرُ (which has changed) عَـنْ‮ ‬حَـالَـةِ‮ ‬الطَّعَامِ (from the condition of being food), وَالـمُسْكِرُ (and the intoxicant) كَـالـخَـمَرِ (such as wine), وَالـمَنِيُّ (and sperm)  وَهُـوَ‮ ‬مِـنَ‮ ‬الرَّجُـلِ‮ ‬(which is the from the man);‮ ‬مَـاءٌ‮ ‬أَبْـيَضُ‮ ‬ثَّخِينٌ‮ ‬(it is thick white water) بِـمُثَلَّثَةِ (in appearance);  أَيْ‮ ‬غَـليظٌ‮ ‬يَـتَذَفَّقُ (that is to say, it is thick when it gushes out) فِـي‮ ‬خُـروجِـهِ (of the opening of the penis). رَائِـحَتُهُ‮ ‬كَـرَائِـحَة الطَّلْعِ (Its smell is like the smell of pollen); وَقَـرِيبٌ‮ ‬مِـنْ‮ ‬رَائِـحَةِ‮ ‬الْـعَجِينِ (while it is closer in smell to dough). وَإِذَا‮ ‬يَـبِسَ‮ ‬ (when it has dried),  كَـانَ‮ ‬كَـرَائِـحَةِ‮ ‬الْبَيْضِ (it smells like the egg).

وَمِـنَ‮ ‬الْـمَرْأَةِ (From the woman) مَـاءٌ‮ ‬أَصْـفَرُ‮ ‬رَقِـيقٌ (is a thin yellow water) وَ‮ ‬الوَدْيُ‮ ‬وَجْـهَانِ (and is of two kinds): التَّشْـدِيدُ‮ ‬وَالْـخَفِيفُ (intense and light). وَهُـوَ‮ ‬مَاءٌ‮ ‬أَبْيَضُ‮ ‬ثَخِينٌ (It is a white thick liquid) يَخْـرُجُ‮ ‬غَالِـبًا (that discharges in most cases) عَقِبَ‮ ‬الْـبَولِ (immediately after urine).

وَالـمَذْيُّ (prostatic fluid) مَـاءٌ أَبْـيَضُ رَقِـيقٌ‮ ‬(is a white thin liquid) يَخْـرُجُ‮ ‬عِـنْدَ‮ ‬اللَّذَّةِ (which is discharged as a result of pleasure) بِالإنْعَاظِ‮ ‬ (from sexual excitement) أَيْ‮ ‬قِيَامِ‮ ‬الذَّكَرِ (that is to say, when the penis is erect),  عِـنَدَ الـمُلَاعَـبَة (either during romance) أَوْ‮ ‬التَّذْكَـار (or the recollection of it): أَيِ‮ ‬التَّفَكُّر (that is to say thinking about it).

رَمَـاد النِّـجِسِ (The ashes of what is impure) وَالدُّخَـانُهُ (and the smoke from it) نَـجِسٌ (are impure).

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