Matn Al Ashmaawiyyah: An English Translation

1. The Chapter About نَوَاقِض الْوُضُوءِ (the Things That Nullify Wuḍuu’ [Minor Ablution]) from Matn Al Ashmaawiyyah

2. The Chapter About أَقْسَام الْـمِيَاهِ (the Kinds of Water) That Can Be Used To Perform Wuḍuu’ from Matn Al Ashmaawiyyah

3. The Chapter Concerning فَـرَائِضِ الْـوُضُـوءِ (The Obligatory Actions of Wuḍuu’), سُـنَـنِهِ (It’s Actions Derived From Prophet Muhammad]) and فَـضَائِـلِهِ (the Meritorious Acts of Wuḍuu’) from the Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

4. The Chapter Concerning فَـرَائِـضِ الْـغُسْـلِ (The Obligatory Actions of Ghusl [Major Ablution]), سُـنَـنِهِ (It’s Actions Derived From The Prophet Muhammad) and فَـضَائِـلِهِ (It’s Meritorious Actions) from the Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

5. The Chapter About التَّيَمُّمِ (Dry Ablution) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

6. The Chapter About الشُّرُوطِ الصَّلاَةِ (The Conditions of Prayer) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

7. The Chapter About فَـرَائِضِ الصَّلاَةِ (The Obligatory Actions of Prayer),سُـنَـنِهَا (It’s Actions Derived From The Prophet Muhammad), فَـضَائِـلِهَا (It’s Meritorious Actions) and مَـكْرُوهَاتِهَا (It’s Actions Which are Disliked) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

8. The Chapter About مَنْدُوبَاتِ الصَّلاَةِ (The Things Recommended) in the Prayer from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

9. The Chapter About سُجُودِ السَّهْوِ (The Prostration For Absent-Mindedness) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

10. The Chapter About مُفْسِدَاتِ الصَّلاَةِ (The Things That Nullify Prayer) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

11. The Chapter About فِي الإمَامَةِ (The Imāmate) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

12. The Chapter About صَلاَةِ الْـجُمُعَةِ (The Friday Prayer) from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

13. The Chapter Concerning صَلاَةِ الْـجَنَازَةِ [The Prayer for the Deceased from Matn al Ashmaawiyyah

14. The Chapter About السَّيَامِ (Fasting) from the Matn Al Ashmaawiyyah

Click here for the complete Arabic Text
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